Instructional Resources

Pipe Lessons
The Piper's Hut - on-line or in-person instruction with John Moffatt
Private lessons with Pipe Major Richard Parker

Private lessons with John Holland in West Milton (ask someone in the band for his phone number)
On-line instruction from Jori Chisholm

Tutorials, Tips, Instructional Videos
Tutorials and tips from PM Bill Robertson
Henderson's Bagpipe Supply (Instructional videos at bottom of page)
College of Piping
School of Piping
Teach Yourself Bagpipes - Lindsay Davidson (There are some good things here, but never, ever try to learn the bagpipes without a qualified teacher!)

Basics of Music
Reading Music
Introduction to Reading Music
Some of the things on these two websites don't apply to piping.  In general, keep three things in mind when using these sites: we don't have rests, we play only in the treble clef, and the bagpipe range is nine notes - second line G on the treble clef up to the first leger line high A.