Band Tunes Played on the Practice Chanter

Most of these tunes were recorded at a slower tempo than the band would use in performance. How I wish I could circular breathe!

Amazing Grace (60 bpm)

Battle of Waterloo (72 bpm)

Bloody Fields of Flanders, The (72 bpm)

Bonnie Prince Charlie (72 bpm)

Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle (60 bpm)

Castle Dangerous (72 bpm)

Gaelic Air

Green Hills of Tyrol (72 bpm)

Highland Cathedral

Johnnie Scobie (60 bpm)

Johnnie Scobie (72 bpm)

Killiecrankie (72 bpm)

Lochanside (72 bpm)

Minstrel Boy, The (64 bpm)

Pikeman's March, The (72 bpm)

Rowan Tree (72 bpm)

Scotland the Brave

Suo Gan

Sweet Maid of Glendaruel, The (60 bpm)

Wearing of the Green, The (64 bpm)

Wha' Sae the 42nd

When the Battle Is O'er (72 bpm)